Self-Serve Prices


Double Machine: $4.00
“Quad” Machine: $8.00


Heubsch Dryers (Per 5 minutes): $0.25
Wascomat Dryers (Per 15 minutes): $1.00

Vended Supplies

Tide Single Use Box: $1.00
OxyClean Single Use Box: $1.00
Bounce Sheets (2 Per Box): $1.00
Liquid Downy Fabric Softener: $1.00

Double Washer (Wascomat W75)

These are our most popular machine. The doubles are good as an all around machine when you want to do your laundry and get out again. They can fit a bit of a larger load when you don’t quite have enough for a triple. Average run time is 35 minutes per load. We have 5 of these.

"Quad" Washer (WLD745CC)

These machines are brand new as of April 2019! They are larger than our old machines. Already they are quite popular because they can hold quite a bit of laundry. This is the recommended machine for quilts, sleeping bags and other bulky items or if you happen to have a large load you want to get done at once. Average run time is 35 minutes per load. We have 2 of these.

Wascomat Dryers

These are the newest machines at Lynnridge Laundry and have become a favourite dryer of many. These dryers are more efficient than the older ones and also have a no heat setting if you have something delicate that needs air dry only. We currently have 5 of these with our newest arrived in 2016.

Heubcsh Dryers

These dryers are sized to allow you to combine multiple washes into a single dry cycle, or are powerful enough for you to split your load up and be done in less time. These dryers can produce some high heat, so it’s important to watch your heat setting when drying things such as nylon and polyester. We currently have 3 of these (currently 1 out of order, sorry)

Change Machine

While not a washer or dryer, our change machine is here to serve you. It will provide both Loonies and Quarters. It accepts bills up to $20, plus Toonies ($2 coin) and provide Loonies ($1 coin). It will also accept Loonies and provide Quarters.